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Google Apps to Office 365: Be careful of the Office 365 Migration Tool
We recently did a complete migration from Google Apps to Office 365 (mostly to fully embrace and pilot the Office 365 offering as a whole) after having piloted a secondary gateway with Office 365 for ...

Google Apps to Office 365: Duplicating the Google Apps Send Mail As Functionality
During our recent Google Apps to Office 365 migration we realized after the migration that there was a key feature that was missing in Office 365: the ability to send from email aliases from a single ...

IPhone SMS To Gmail v5.0 Released
We are excited to announce the release of IPhone SMS To Gmail v5.0 today. This release brings a number of updates: - Full support for the brand new iOS 7 - Full support for Java Runtime Version 7...

Resolving CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated with PHP and CURL
We were recently using a class we had created to access RETS/MLS in PHP which required that both cookies could be written locally and CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION was enabled. The actual error was CURLOP...

New Product Release: Active Directory Permission Compare
We've released our newest product: Active Directory Permission Compare. ADPC will allow developers and administrators to compare to Active Directory objects to determine differences in permissions ...

Retrieving User Name and MetaData through WCF Web Services for SharePoint 2010
We have been writing some automated jobs at work to pull user data and compare against Active Directory using WCF services for SharePoint. The important part of working with Active Directory, is of...

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