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Using Remote Powershell
Powershell provides a number of great features, one of which is remote powershell connections. This is a particularly interesting feature for a Linux/Windows conversion for those used to using SSH t...

Determine Forest and Domain Functional Levels in Powershell
A quick and easy post: Import-Module ActiveDirectory # Get the forest functional level (Get-ADForest).ForestMode # Get the domain functional level (Get-ADDomain).DomainMode Easy enough!...

IPhone SMS To Gmail v6.0 Released
We are excited to announce the release of IPhone SMS To Gmail v6.0 today. This release brings full support for iOS 8 to IPhone SMS To Gmail as well as 6 bug fixes reported by users. Users who ha...

New Product Release: IPhone SMS To CSV
Today we are pleased to announce the release of our 4th product: IPhone SMS To CSV. IPhone SMS To CSV allows iPhone users to export all of their SMS, MMS, and iMessage messages to a CSV on their lo...

Fedora Core 20 and Apache Virtual Host on mounted share
I have been battling with an issue on Fedora Core 20 and Apache recently with an issue around receiving this error when trying to mount a virtual host in Apache and setting the DocumentRoot to a share...

Google Apps to Office 365: Be careful of the Office 365 Migration Tool
We recently did a complete migration from Google Apps to Office 365 (mostly to fully embrace and pilot the Office 365 offering as a whole) after having piloted a secondary gateway with Office 365 for ...

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