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IPhone SMS To Gmail v8.0 Released
We are excited to announce the release of IPhone SMS To Gmail v8.0 today. This release brings full support for even more UTF-8 encoded languages, multiple bug fixes, and full support for iOS 9. ...

Some Useful Powershell commands for the Linux nerds out there
I often find myself looking for a few commands I drastically miss from linux in the Windows world. Pretty basic but here they are listed by their equal parts between Linux and Windows Powershell. ...

IPhone SMS To Gmail Version 7.1 Released
We have released a minor version update (7.1) of IPhone SMS To Gmail to fix a bug that was introduced with UTF-8 support that was causing issues for some user address books as well as message backups ...

IPhone SMS To Gmail v7.0 Released
We are excited to announce the release of IPhone SMS To Gmail v7.0 today. This release brings full support for UTF-8 encoded languages such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and many others...

Using Remote Powershell
Powershell provides a number of great features, one of which is remote powershell connections. This is a particularly interesting feature for a Linux/Windows conversion for those used to using SSH t...

Determine Forest and Domain Functional Levels in Powershell
A quick and easy post: Import-Module ActiveDirectory # Get the forest functional level (Get-ADForest).ForestMode # Get the domain functional level (Get-ADDomain).DomainMode Easy enough!...

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