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Enumerating the values of an enum in C#

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

As easy or weird as this may sound, it is not immediately obvious of how you need to go about enumerating the values of an enum in C# so that you can list all options or operate on all the values of an enumeration.

For example, if I have an enum with 4 values, and I want to enumerate over all of them, the example would be as follows:

enum Fruit {
Apple = 1,
Orange = 2,
Banana = 11,
Tomato = 12 // Yes, it's a fruit

Then in CSharp, you need to do some type-casting, but you can do so with Enum.GetValues as follows:

foreach (Fruit fruit in Enum.GetValues(typeof(Fruit))) {
// do something here with fruit
// (int)fruit would give you the pure integer value

Pretty straight-forward, but it did stump me for a few minutes.

Enumin' Tom Out.



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