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IPhone SMS To Gmail V1.2 Released

Friday, August 26th, 2011

We have released an updated version of IPhone SMS To Gmail with a
number of bug fixes. The old program will not run unless you update
with the new installer from

Please note for those of you who had previously backed up messages:
We changed how the last backed up message is stored in order to allow users with multiple phone backups under a single profile to behave properly. ALL users will have their last message backed up reset, so we recommend deleting all previous Gmail backups and starting fresh. You may also contact support and we can provide instructions to manually change your settings file.

Fixes in this release:
- Fixed issue preventing the program from running for European format numbers with spacing
- Fixed last message storage in settings file which was preventing users with multiple backups from having all backups from processing properly
- Improved the messages for update checking

Thank you all for your continued support and help in debugging these issues!

You can also now purchase full licenses on our website for those that have tried it out and want to backup their full set of messages!

Bug Fixin' Tom Out.


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